About Us

Cognitive Design Technology (CDT) was founded in 2007 as a complete technology solution provider in India for electronics market. Our complete solution includes Products solutions, Training services, Design and Development and Consultancy in advance technology areas like IC, Embedded, MEMS , RF and Antenna, Electronics Instrumentation and Photonics etc . Our solutions cater for Microelectronics, Solar, Photonics, RF/ Digital ASIC /Analog Mixed Signal design,  FPGA solutions for SoC Designs, CMOS Process and device simulations, ASIC, IC Packaging etc.This is facilitate through our partnership with world leaders in these technologies… we believe customer satisfaction through our complete competitive solutions.



“To be become Leading Technology Solution provider in India”



“To generate growth and profit for our company through integration of people and technology excellence, focusing in the areas of quality technical content and innovation”