Mapusoft- Defense/Aerospace


MapuSoft provides value to military/defense and aerospace software by providing tools that allow code to be reused across multiple platforms for greater cost savings.

MapuSoft’s Offerings to the Defense and Aerospace Software Industry

Our solutions have been used successfully in a number of mil/aero projects. A sample list of our customers in this industry can be found on the left side menu.

MapuSoft offers the following tools to address the most common pain points in this industry: Cross-OS Development Platform, OS Changer Porting Kit,Ada-C/C++ Changer and OS Simulator.

This industry faces a number of pain points including:

  • A large number of upgrades to products and platforms over a long life cycle
  • The maintenance of Ada applications is expensive
  • Host based testing is needed for long development cycles
  • Delays in the development time-frame is very expensive for mil/aero contractors
  • Target platforms are expensive and not always readily available for the development teams