Product Description

Embedded Development Suite for ARM

The Crossware ARM Development Suite is a sophisticated environment that facilitates the rapid development of software for microcontrollers that use the ARM core.

It includes:

  • An advanced optimizing Embedded C++ and ANSI C compiler and libraries
  • Code Creation Wizards to create configuration code and outline interrupt handlers for on-chip peripherals
  • A source level simulator to simulate the ARM core and the on-chip peripherals allowing debugging without hardware
  • An interface that allows the simulator to be extended, facilitating complete target system simulation
  • A source level debugger to allow debugging on the target hardware
  • A USB JTAG interface to communicate between the debugger and the target hardware
  • A multi-threaded, multi-target integrated development environment in which to write, edit and debug code, browse the high level source code, access electronic copies of the manuals and much more
  • It inherits a set of user-friendly features that have evolved over a period of 10 years, or 20 years in the case of the compilation tool chain.
  • Everything has been developed entirely by Crossware engineers, is supported by Crossware engineers and continues to be enhanced by Crossware engineers in response to customer requirements (and our own requirements because we are consumers of our own tools).