evm for windows


Product Description

Run your RTOS alongside Windows.

eVM for Windows embedded virtualization platform provides a bare metal virtual machine environment that hosts an embedded or real-time operating system alongside Windows on the same multi-core processor platform. eVM partitions the platform to ensure that critical hardware interfaces aren’t virtualized, guaranteeing maximum performance and deterministic response to real-time events.

No changes needed to your OS or Windows

Unlike para-virtualization schemes, eVM for Windows does not require that any software modifications be made to guest operating systems, drivers, or application code. This avoids costly and risky modifications or rewrites, minimizes support costs and reduces the risk of system reliability problems. Software services supplied by eVM for Windows run in hard real-time, allowing the guest OS to retain its native execution characteristics. In addition there is no virtualization of Windows and additional hardware virtualization detracting from performance or functionality.

Link your real-time and Windows applications

Besides hosting multiple OSes on a single multi-core platform, eVM for Windows provides virtual communications channels in shared memory to link your embedded and Windows applications. The PC platform’s traditional Ethernet interfaces are now virtualized, giving immediate links between your Windows and guest RTOS applications without requiring any changes to applications or native driver software. This simplifies the task of adding Windows functionality to legacy real-time applications, or adding real-time device interfaces to Windows applications.