INtime RTOS Family


Product Description

The INtime Real Time Operation System (RTOS) family is based on a 32 bit fully pre-emptive RTOS conceived to run time-critical operations cycle-times as low as 50μs. INtime RTOS runs on single-core, hyper-threaded and multicore x86 PC platform from Intel and AMD and supports two binary compatible usage configurations; INtime for Windows where the INtime RTOS runs alongside the Microsoft® Windows® and INtime Distributed RTOS where INtime runs as a stand-alone RTOS.

Results through Ease of use

Programming with an RTOS can be daunting prospect. It often requires learning a whole new development environment and having a thorough knowledge of the hardware upon which you are going to install it. INtime facilitates that substantially by:

  • Using Microsoft Visual Studio a familiar tool to enter and debug your programs.
  • Providing Win32 like API’s that are easy for anyone who has programmed a Windows application to use.
  • Including housekeeping functions in the APIs, such as allocation and releasing of memory as needed as well as the creation and removal of handles as needed.
  • Continually updating the support of the latest PC processors and I/O so that it installs and runs on PC platforms in minutes. It doesn’t require the creation of a BSP.
  • Windows and INtime applications can be debugged at the same time with Visual Studio when running and developing Windows and RTOS applications.