INtime SDK


Product Description

INtime SDK supports the complete development cycle of an INtime RTOS application. It encompasses application development from source entry, compiling, debugging, optimization and run-time monitoring. INtime SDK runs on a x86 PC Platform.


Visual Studio includes a fully integrated debugging environment and is used to do the core of the development and debugging. All INtime application code can be edited, compiled, linked, debugged, and process faults can be trapped without ever leaving the Visual Studio development environment. Since INtime code runs in protected “user mode”, all debugging can be executed in real-time, thus users can set a break-point , single-step code and view content of variables just like he would if he/she were debugging a Windows application. (see more on that subject)

INtime Wizards simplifies the task of creating INtime projects. It allows users to focus on generating the necessary code for their application. INtime wizards included to Visual Studio Wizards. Starting an application with INtime Wizards sets up an INtime project with all the necessary settings required for compilation and provides the option of adding real-time constructs like mail-boxes and timing loops. Real-time constructs are added with a sequence of step-by-step menus that guides the user through the necessary settings and creates the associated template code.(see more on that subject).

INtime Explorer, a TenAsys application, allows the user to browse a system at the object level, to inspect objects in detail and to interact with those objects at a high level. Control functions such as deleting objects, signaling them, suspending and resuming threads can be done interactively to assist in system debugging. Unhandled exceptions can be analyzed with the monitoring and reporting function, generating a post-crash analysis report. A system statistics monitoring function is also available to display CPU usage per thread and per-process. (see more on that subject).

Debugger is an integrated debugger that traps exception faults by jumping to the debuggers user mode when real-time faults are generated such as, divide-by-zero errors, bad pointer accesses, page faults, stack faults, and other CPU exceptions. (see more on that subject).

INscope is a utility which creates timing traces of operations on an INtime RTOS and displays them graphically. These traces can be used to understand how the software interacts at a thread and process level, and how your application interacts with the operating system. It is a valuable debugging tool to help narrow down what is happening when a problem occurs. It can also measure timing among important operations in your software including thread switches, system library calls, and interrupts are displayed on a logic-analyzer type graphical trace. (see more on that subject).