Product Description

globalpictstretchnewlogoPhotonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) designers need full control of their design framework to make sure that what they fabricate matchesexactly how they designed it. In addition they need to be able to re-use and distribute their design work in a hierarchical framework that saves time and improves reliability.

IPKISS.eda inside L-Edit combines these stringent photonic design demands with the ease of use of a professional yet easy touse EDA environment.

  • Easy to use, professional EDA environment by the Mentor Graphics Tanner EDA tools
  • Complete control of your design flow: Python scripted parameterized components and waveguides
  • Reliable design through Calibre® and Standard Verification within the L-Edit framework
  • Deployable to 3rd party design flows using the OpenAccess standards.
  • Complete framework for the design and the design management of integrated photonics chips, including physical and circuit simulations, mask design, fabrication and measurement through the IPKISS.flow environment validated over 400 designs

L-Edit’s rich layout capabilities combined with the IPKISS library of parameterized photonic components and PDKs gives users theability to drag and drop the photonic components into their layouts and immediately connect them through waveguides, while havingfull control over cross-section shapes, bends and trajectories.

Post-layout effects such as reflections and attenuation caused by waveguide crossings are taken into account.The design flow is enabled with DRC facilities to assure the quality of your design before submitting it to the fab.