Product Description



Over 100 different measurement instruments

Supports SmartSpice, HSPICE, Eldo and Spectre simulators

Device Characterization and SPICE Modeling

Utmost IV provides an easy-to-use, database-driven environment for the measurement of semiconductor devices and the generation of accurate, high-quality SPICE models and macromodels for analog, mixed-signal, and RF applications.


As device geometries get smaller, it is increasingly more critical for technologists to use accurate models and control statistical variations in device processing performance. Circuit designers need models that can accurately predict DC behaviors, as well as RF and noise behaviors. Different process technologies require a variety of models that can be quickly adapted to the unique processes. With modeling measurements taking hours or even days, measurement control software must also work with probers and instruments to allow automated measurements across temperature.

Silvaco’s Utmost IV is the industry’s premier solution to address these challenges for the characterization and modeling of cutting-edge CMOS and compound semiconductor devices. Utmost IV consists of four modules:

Acquisition Module

This module is used to measure physical devices directly, using various types of electrical test equipment. These measured results, or “datasets,” are stored directly in the database. Datasets can also be generated from TCAD or other SPICE simulations. This is particularly useful when comparing two SPICE models or when converting from one SPICE model type to another.

Optimization Module

This module is used to extract and optimize SPICE model parameters to obtain an accurate fit between simulated and measured device characteristics. The datasets stored in the database are used as targets for the model extraction. Compact, macro (subcircuit), and Verilog-A models can be generated for all device types.

Script Module

This module provides a scripting interface that allows the user to write custom JavaScript-based scripts to measure, extract, optimize, and store the results.

Model Check Module

This module provides an easy-to-use tool to explore and test existing MOSFET device models. A simple GUI interface enables the user to display characteristic curves or plot extracted characteristics, such as threshold voltage versus device length. This module can be used without the need to create an interface to the database, making it ideal for quickly checking legacy models.