uLoad Bootloader


Product Description

uLoad Boot Loader and Installer

Portable ANSI C secure boot loader, image installer and key management.

Embedded products including boot loader, firmware and programmable logic are vulnerable to product integrity compromise including reverse engineering, unauthorized use, and remote access and communications risks. The uLoad secure boot loader and file integrity SDK raises the bar by combining authentication features with advanced keying and encryption in a unified product integrity architecture

uLoad starts by authenticating the firmware image during installation using the image security header. Multiple firmware images can be present on-chip or on-board. Once the image is authenticated, key information is extracted to decrypt and activate the firmware image. During boot load, image integrity is checked against the install signature to verify the image has not been tampered with. uLoad also provides multiple version upgrade and rollback for firmware field upgrades and product support, using a management registry with primary, backup and power-fail recovery features.