uSSL Software Stack

Product Description

Portable ANSI C software stack implementing standards based SSL, PKI, crypto, hashing, and network protocols.

Targeted for embedded systems and devices, uSSL employs proven interoperable features to securely authenticate and cryptographically secure end-to-end system transactions. uSSL can be easily integrated with existing or new applications, and can be tailored to enable a subset of the supported protocols to achieve the lowest possible memory footprint.

uSSL includes self-test support for integration, test, and compatibility verification. uSSL includes a network adaptation layer to integrate with a variety of wired and wireless networks. uSSL is interoperable with back-end Linux and Windows SSL-ware.

Upgrades to existing applications employing legacy proprietary encryption schemes, can use uSSL to strengthen security and interoperability. Existing applications can be merged with uSSL features to preserve investment in existing applications and protocols.